Header images SEA CLOUD II intro
Header images SEA CLOUD II intro
Header images SEA CLOUD II intro

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a very special cruise ship.

The SEA CLOUD II can be recognised as the true sister ship of the legendary SEA CLOUD, but has its own, very unique character. It combines the high standards expected of a modern cruise ship with the unique atmosphere of a romantic tall ship.

The lido deck on the 5-star cruise ship SEA CLOUD II
Relaxing under the white sails of the SEA CLOUD II

Classic, nostalgic,

A windjammer gives you that feeling of boundless freedom - a feeling that reaches its pinnacle as you sail the seas under open skies. But this is a feeling that pervades the SEA CLOUD II at all times, manifested in the on-board lifestyle and forged by the expansive space of the four decks, the relaxed social atmosphere and the space for private contemplation.

The lounge, the library, the restaurant, the cabins and the gym are all imbued with stylish comfort. Every area has its own way of enticing visitors, so you will still discover new favourite places even after days. The decks of the SEA CLOUD II are therefore an ideal place to transform any journey into a very special experience - for couples, groups of friends, anniversary parties or larger events.

Since it was commissioned over ten years ago, the SEA CLOUD II has never ceased to enchant and impress people. Not only is it a modern and elegant cruise ship, but a very private yacht. While discerning cruise-lovers will discover their passion for classic sailing ships, sailing enthusiasts will become devotees of great voyages.

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