Join a majestic windjammer on a transatlantic cruise.

As the sun moves further and further away from Europe, like majestic birds of passage, the eagles on the bows of our two windjammers, the SEA CLOUD and SEA CLOUD II, set off on their transatlantic cruise. They are bound for the Caribbean, following the course already travelled by generations of discoverers, conquerors and adventurers. The trade winds take over, giving orders and leading manoeuvres. Work on board a tall ship has hardly changed over the last 500 years.

SEA CLOUD II's forecastle
Traditional work on a transatlantic cruise

Unique, relaxing, breathtaking.

Young men and women from all over the world command the standing and running rigging. They climb up to dizzying heights, demonstrating their perfect skills as they step nimbly along the rigging and perform each precise manoeuvre. To see up to 30 sails being hoisted in this traditional manner is a breathtaking sight, evoking memories of a time believed to be long-forgotten; a time when majestic tall ships ruled the waves. At that time, it was only the wind that got caught in the sails. Today, romance and fantasy too come together on the deck of the SEA CLOUD and the SEA CLOUD II.

The transatlantic cruise is quite simply the perfect way to forget about the stress of daily life.