Culinary Cruises

First-class service and exquisite culinary delights are very important for SEA CLOUD CRUISES. Together with top chefs of our partner Feine Privathotels as well as other top chefs, we regularly create culinary cruise projects that convince with very "delicious" programme highlights on board and ashore.

17 Oct. to 26 Oct. 2019
La Valletta - Palma de Mallorca


Sicily at its best with ancient temples, norman castles and grand volcanic panoramas:

This cruise will be accompanied by Nils Lackner, sommelier and wine speaker, who will take you on a wine journey from Sicily to Mallorca. He is one of the most popular German sommeliers and an internationally booked wine speaker and lecturer. We are delighted to have won him for this SEA CLOUD cruise, during which he will take you on a wine journey from Sicily to Mallorca.



02 Nov. to 11 Nov. 2019
Málaga - Las Palmas

Windjammer rendezvous off Morocco and the Canary Islands including a very special evening event ashore from 1001 Nights as well as a dinner menu, created by chef Wahabi Nouri:

Immerse yourself in Arabic history and experience an evening from "1001 nights" with fire eaters, acrobats, oriental dancers and culinary delights from the Moroccan cuisine. On board is moroccan-born Wahabi Nouri, who achieved his personal dream in 2000 when he opened a small but fine restaurant in Hamburg: "Piment" was awarded its first Michelin star in 2001 and has kept this ever since.